Architecture Week: National Exercise Day

April 18, 2024

The American Institute of Architects Celebrates Architecture Week (4/14 - 4/20 2024)

Architecture Week celebrates and explores the intricacies of architecture and design, welcoming individuals of all ages to dig into the wonders of architectural creativity. We take pride in our collaborative work with architects bringing visions to life, surpassing expectations, and enriching communities. We work together to explore innovative solutions that align with both economic and practical sensibilities. 

In addition to Architecture Week, April 18th also marks National Exercise Day!

National Exercise Day serves to champion the significance of physical activity in sustaining health and well-being. This day not only reminds individuals to integrate exercise into their daily routines but also fosters a sense of community by encouraging collective participation in fitness-related activities.

At Speight Marshall Francis, we take pride in designing projects that create spaces within communities for exercise, activity, and engagement. These spaces promote a healthy and vibrant lifestyle while facilitating connectivity and wellness.