Architecture Week Spotlight: World Art Day

April 15, 2024

The American Institute of Architects Celebrates Architecture Week (4/14 - 4/20 2024)

Architecture Week celebrates and explores the intricacies of architecture and design, welcoming individuals of all ages to delve into the wonders of architectural creativity. We take pride in our collaborative work with architects bringing visions to life, surpassing expectations, and enriching communities. We work together to explore innovative solutions that align with both economic and practical sensibilities.

In addition to Architecture Week, April 15th also marks the globally recognized World Art Day. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) champions this day to advocate for the advancement, dissemination, and enjoyment of art. Art serves as a nurturing force for creativity, innovation, and cultural diversity, touching the lives of people worldwide. It plays a pivotal role in the exchange of knowledge, fostering curiosity, and promoting dialogue among diverse communities. Each year, World Art Day celebrations strive to reinforce the intricate connections between artistic creations and society, raising awareness about the multitude of artistic expressions, and emphasizing the profound contribution of artists to sustainable development.

Today we highlight projects that celebrate, educate, or foster the cultivation and creation of art.

Works in Progress

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (VMOCA)

This project, a collaboration between Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU) and VMOCA, promotes education and accessibility.

The central location of the VWU campus presents a unique opportunity for the Museum to seamlessly integrate into the vibrant Hampton Roads region. With this in mind, the building's design features a 20% increase in exhibition space, providing VMOCA's loyal audience with an up-close and engaging ARTlab experience. The immersive, multi-modal learning lab design enhances the Museum's potential to function as one of the largest and most advanced classrooms on campus.

While the museum may reside on the VWU campus, it remains an independent entity with its own highly-skilled board and staff, ensuring that it retains full curatorial freedom and oversight. The exhibition space and ARTlab, situated up front and readily accessible, will foster a welcoming environment for visitors and students alike to enjoy.

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Chysler Museum of Art Perry Glass Studio Expansion

The Chrysler Museum's expansion of the Perry Glass Studio marks an exciting chapter in the museum's future. The revamped studio will showcase the glass-making process, highlight the historical significance of glass as an artistic medium, and provide space for art objects. With a theater-style hot shop, glass-making studios, gallery, classrooms, event space, retail area, catering kitchen, and a roof terrace, this expansion stands as a bold addition to the museum and its educational initiatives.

Notably, the project will introduce a new "face" to the museum on Duke Street, characterized by transparency and an inviting design that connects the Glass Studios and the museum seamlessly. Situated in Norfolk's NEON District, the structure will incorporate strategies to manage rainwater, including elevation measures to safeguard against recurring flooding. Positioned as a model for coastal resilience, the Glass Studio will demonstrate effective flood resilience strategies, such as salt-tolerant plantings, rainwater collection, and landscaping designed to absorb water.

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