Midlothian Library

Location: Chesterfield, VA
Square Feet: 28,000
Architect: HBA Architects
Market: All Markets
Special Features:
Step into the enchanting world of the Midlothian Library, nestled within the historic, unincorporated Village of Midlothian. Situated adjacent to the Millworks at the Green Complex, this extraordinary library offers a unique village atmosphere rarely found in the suburban setting.

Serving as a vibrant center for a thriving residential community, the Midlothian Library is strategically located within walking distance of several county schools, a branch of Brightpoint Community College, and the YMCA. It stands as a true testament to our commitment to community revitalization and sustainable growth.

Embracing its role as a sustainable community hub, the library seamlessly integrates with nature and pays homage to local history. The architectural language of coal mining permeates the building, fostering a sense of heritage and connection. But it's not just about aesthetics; the library implements a range of sustainable features. From native plantings to renewable and durable materials, each element has been carefully selected to minimize environmental impact. Rooftop solar panels, projected to provide nearly 100% of the building's yearly energy consumption, further demonstrate commitment to practical solutions.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Midlothian Library's strategic massing and shading elements ensure optimal interior comfort throughout the year. The spaces are thoughtfully designed to be warm in winter, cool in summer, and filled with abundant natural daylight. The result is a space that nurtures creativity, learning, and community connection.

This exceptional library offers something for everyone. Outdoor classrooms for young minds to explore, vibrant gathering spaces for energetic teens to engage, and cozy reading gardens and nooks for adults seeking solace and inspiration. Moreover, carefully placed windows frame picturesque views of community focal points, such as the public square at Millworks to the south or the charm of Watkins Elementary to the north.

With an expansive footprint of 28,000 S.F., the new library is a marvel, nearly doubling the size of its predecessor. Clad in site-specific materials like wood, variegated stone, and sustainable panels, the library effortlessly blends with its surroundings. Step inside the bright and airy interior spaces, where a wealth of community resources await. Here, endless opportunities for exploration, discovery, and sustainable growth bring dreams to life.