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Granby Theater Historical Renovation

Location: Norfolk, VA
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Market: Cultural
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Special Features: Historic Renovation
Both state and federal consultants were commissioned in conjunction with a certified historic artist to beautifully restore the theater to its former glory.

The historic venue was reconditioned to include modern-day amenities, state-of-the-art sound and lighting, and a truly unique floor plan. The artist determined that the historical colors included gold-leaf trim and chili-colored red. The proscenium was hand-painted to its original luster to include the original “G” for Granby. The ceiling of the theater includes most of the original medallions; a laborious historic restoration process was employed to restore the remaining distressed pieces. The four remaining chandeliers are original and crystals were restrung by hand.

Originally built in 1915, Speight Marshall Francis was proud to serve as Structural Engineer of Record and Special Inspector to restore this historic theater located at 421 Granby Street in downtown Norfolk.

Awards |
2006 “Best Renovated/Historic Rehabilitation”, Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate.

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Owner: The Wright Company