Former Union Mission Renovation and The Rockefeller Apartment Building

Rockefeller Apartments (Union Mission Renovation)
Location: Norfolk, VA
Market: Housing
Owner Type: Commercial
Other Tags: Historic Renovation
The Rockefeller project earned HRACRE's coveted Juror's Choice Award for best project of the year for 2016 and Best Renovated or Historic Rehabilitation project.

Speight, Marshall & Francis, PC served as Structural Engineer of Record for the repurposing of a former Union Mission building at the corner of Brooke Avenue and Boush Street into 86 apartments.  The iconic building was constructed in the early 1900s as a YMCA facility for the Navy, largely on the dime of John D. Rockefeller, the wealthiest businessman of his time. Work within the existing building included the infill of the existing pool, floor opening infill, lintels/framing required to create new floor and wall openings and structural repairs to concrete and masonry.  Mezzanine spaces were also constructed in the existing 2-story spaces.  The new portion is a five-story, wood framed apartment building, approximately 28,000 square feet total with parking below.  The building is pile supported with a structural slab. Financed through VHDA using historical tax credits.

In 2016 HRACRE bestowed the project with the coveted Juror’s Choice Award for best project of the year as well as an Award of Excellence for Best Renovated or Historic Rehabilitation project. Completed in 2016. 

Photo courtesy of Tymoff + Moss Architects

Architect: Tymoff + Moss Architects