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Sara Lee Coffee + Tea

Location: Suffolk, VA
Square Feet: 168,625
Market: Office
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Special Features:
Our Sara Lee project in Suffolk, Virginia was awarded the 2003 “MCA President’s Award” for best industrial building from Metal Architecture magazine and “First Honor Award for “Best Industrial Building” in 2003 by the Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate.

Speight Marshall Francis served as Structural Engineer of Record and Special Inspector for Sara Lee’s Suffolk, Virginia project which consisted of a 38,400 square foot 1-story liquid packaging/blast freezing building, a 37,351 square foot 5-story extracting plant building, a 59,080 square foot 3-story liquid utilities building, a 9,876 square foot 10-story spray dryer/intake roasted coffee storage building, an 11,728 square foot water purification plant - concrete slab and foundation for equipment, and a 12,190 square foot 2-story office and staff building.  

The conceptual design for this project was developed in Holland by the design team that completed the design for the facility in the Netherlands. During the transition of the design from Conceptual to Construction Documents, our team worked with the conceptual design team to understand their intentions and make sure they progressed forward to the final design. The conceptual design team completed intermediate reviews of our design and provided comments which we incorporated into the final design.

Awards |

2003 Best Industrial Building, First Honor Award, Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate

2003 Best Industrial Building, President’s Award, Metal Architecture

Other Resources |

All Sara Lee's US facilities, including the Suffolk plant, were purchased by Segafredo Zanetti Group on Oct 27, 2005. The plant has since changed hands and is occupied by J.M. Smucker Company.

Images courtesy of Cox, Kliewer & Co.