Campus Police Station at Norfolk State University

Campus Police Station, NSU
Location: Norfolk, VA
Market: Higher Education
Owner Type: State Government
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NSU’s Campus Police Station is functionally zoned with the public entering a first floor lobby/waiting area and with access to the remainder of the building controlled 24 hours a day by the Police Dispatcher.  

The new $3.7M Campus Police Station is a 20,894 square foot two-story building that serves as the police headquarters, the campus transportation and traffic department, and the hearings offices for the division of Student Affairs. The facility accommodates technical staff, director’s staff, medical exam and personnel spaces, computer server and LAN support spaces, conference facilities, and security staff.  With the exception of the lobby/waiting area and non-secure conference room, the entire facility comprises a SCIF and was constructed in accordance with DCID criteria. A Commonwealth of Virginia project, design documents went through the rigorous BCOM review and approval process (currently known as the DEB-Division of Engineering & Buildings). 

Architect: HBA Architecture & Interior Design