Recognizing Inspiring Engineers During Black History Month

February 6, 2024

Honoring the resilience, achievements, and contributions of Black engineers.

February is Black History Month, and we want to honor and recognize the contributions of Black engineers who paved the way in the industry. At Speight Marshall Francis, we understand that diversity drives innovation and inclusivity, and that Black individuals have made incredible strides in engineering despite great odds.

We would like to acknowledge the legendary Black engineers who have shaped the engineering landscape:

Hattie S. Peterson, the first Black female civil engineer in the US whose legacy inspires us to this day.

Elijah McCoy, the inventor behind the automatic lubricator, overcame racial barriers to become a renowned mechanical engineer with 57 patents to his name.

Alice H. Parker, who revolutionized heating with her central heating system using natural gas and, in doing so, influenced other inventors who commercialized the concept.

Garrett Morgan, whose traffic signal system improved road safety and became a significant part of our daily commute.

Mary Jackson, the NASA engineer who shattered glass ceilings and became the first Black female aerospace engineer.

We are honored to be a part of a profession that continues to benefit from the contributions of Black engineers, and it is an honor to celebrate their accomplishments. Keep advancing, exploring, and creating innovative solutions, just as these Black engineers did.