We are committed to revitalizing communities across our fine nation in collaboration with architects, owners, developers, and contractors to increase functionality, efficiency, and, of course, safety. Our approach to engineering is practical, thus sensitive to our clients’ budgets. We welcome challenges to explore creative solutions that make good, plain sense.

From concept to completion, our professional engineers provide the following services:

• Design Documents
    • Predesign/Planning, Code Research & Feasibility Studies
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • Contract Documents
• Specifications
• Structural Cost Estimates
• Peer Reviews


Design of structural elements of buildings and building-like structures is our specialty. We also design pedestrian and light bridges. In summary, our experience includes projects designed for:

• High wind (Riverwalk Landing of Yorktown)
• High seismic (Salt Lake Tribune)
• Snow regions (Grand Rapids Press)
• Blast and progressive collapse design
  (P-235 Administrative Facility)

We work with a variety of building materials, including:
• Wood
• Engineered lumber
• Masonry
• Steel
• Cast-in-place concrete
• Post-tensioned concrete
• Precast concrete
• Insulated concrete forms (ICF)

Foundation systems we design:
• Shallow footings
• Deep (pile) foundations
• Helical (screw) piles
• Pre-engineered metal building foundations
• Mat foundations
• Light pole bases
• Speciality equipment pads

Using the latest software keeps us at the top of our game. Our professionals are trained in the use of the following:

• REVIT Structure – Building Information Modeling (BIM),
• AutoCAD & AutoCAD Architecture – Drafting Software
• RAM Structural System – Structural Analysis Program
• RAM Steel – Steel Member and Frame Design
• ADAPT PT – Post Tension Concrete Design
• RetainPro – Retaining Wall Design
• RISA – Structural (individual) Member Analysis
• DESCON – Steel Connection Design
• Bluebeam – PDF editing software (for marking shop drwgs)


"SMF always responds to our requests and the needs of our clients in a professional and expedient manner. In particular, the skill of your engineers in providing creative, and cost effective structural design solutions is the epitome of value-added service."

C. Michael Ross, AIA, REFP
Vice President

HBA Architecture & Interior Design