The wide open spaces, high ceilings, and specialty services recreational buildings provide for the community drive us to THINK OUT OF THE BOX.

These buildings often offer gymnasium spaces, natatoriums, educational facilities and, in the case of the U.S.S. Monitor Center, spaces to house historical U.S. artifacts. Living and working in a beach community, we’ve also handled the task of designing outdoor recreation areas. One outdoor recreation project example is the Long Bay Pointe Boating Resort in Virginia Beach which features a new pier with a restaurant, a fitness facility, retail shops, a marine shop, as well as wet slips and docking stations.

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Victory Family Branch YMCA, York County, VA
King’s Creek Aquatic Center, Williamsburg, VA
R.F. Wilkinson YMCA, Williamsburg, VA
Long Bay Pointe Boating Resort, Virginia Beach, VA
U.S.S. Monitor Center at the Mariner’s Museum, Newport News, VA
An Achievable Dream Tennis Facility, Newport News, VA
Boys & Girls Club, Virginia Beach, VA
Chinese Community Center, Virginia Beach, VA