Mixed-use, multi-family complexes and single-family residences can be INTRICATE and MULTI-FACETED, regardless of their size. Larger mixed-use facilities typically involve housing on the upper floors, ground-floor retail, parking, and often times office space--for example Beach Centre and Wells Fargo Center. Smaller multi-family and residential projects typically involve wood or light-gage bearing walls, which can be tricky, especially if they do not align. This makes following load paths critical and usually gets us down to the "nitty gritty" of hand calculations.

We have designed many housing projects in coastal areas requiring elevated wind design and special materials, such as polysteel, to withstand hurricane exposure. An outstanding example of our housing work is the award-winning four-story Riverpark Condominiums located at Freemason Harbor in Norfolk.

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Summerhouse Apts/Beach Centre, Virginia Beach, VA
Monticello Station Apts at Wells Fargo Center, Norfolk, VA
201 Twenty One, Norfolk, VA
2001 East, Richmond, VA
Greenwich Village Apartments, Virginia Beach, VA
Bermuda Bay Condominiums, Currituck, NC
Riverpark Condominiums at Freemason Harbor, Norfolk, VA
The Melville Condominium at Port Warwick, Newport News, VA