Just as the training each student receives in school will serve as a foundation for their lives, educational projects serve as a FOUNDATION for our practice. Education is the GATEWAY TO OUR FUTURE; accordingly, our dedication to designing educational projects is enduring. We consider it a profound opportunity to contribute to a facility where our friends, families, and even our own children will receive critical knowledge.

The education environment is dynamic, with changing needs for a changing population of students. We have designed schools, both primary and university, all throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia gaining experience and insight into educational facilities' needs. We have developed a long-standing relationship through the hundreds of projects for Virginia Beach City Public Schools, ranging from new facilities to small renovations and additions. The most noteworthy examples are showcased in the Kellam High School Replacement, a 336,000 square foot LEED Gold/projected facility and Virginia Beach Middle School, a 190,000 square foot LEED Certified/projected facility.  We have designed several projects for Old Dominion University, including the award-winning Campus Bookstore and Dragas Hall renovation as well as renovation of the Art Gallery.

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Virginia Beach Middle School, Virginia Beach, VA
Kellam High School Replacement, Virginia Beach, VA
Simonsdale Elementary School, Portsmouth, VA
Sussex Elementary School, Sussex County, VA
Hopewell High School Renovation, Hopewell, VA
Dragas Hall, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
Campus Bookstore, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
Campus Police Station, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA